Bangladesh cricket team staff recounts Christchurch horror


New Delhi: The Bangladeshi players  were planning to offer the Friday namaaz but they ended up praying for their own lives as they had a close shave near a mosque.

The mosque was close to the Hagley Oval ground in New Zealand’s Christchurch.

The team was barely a few metres away from the scene of the carnage. They first heard gunshots.

Moments later they saw a woman collapse. As some of them wanted to help the distressed woman they saw a horde of petrified worshippers running out of the mosque drenched in blood.

Recalled Bangladesh cricket team’s Performance Analyst Shrinivas Chandrasekaran: “We couldn’t react initially. In such a horrible situation, your brain automatically freezes as you are terrified. That’s exactly happened to all of us.”

Shrinivas, a Mumbai-based software engineer who works as a video analyst with the Bangladesh team said that initially, they didn’t even realise that it was a terror attack.

Shrinivas said people were running for their lives and there was blood everywhere. Suddenly we were all told to lie down quietly on the floor of the bus.

Police escorted us out of the backdoor of the team bus and taken to the ground.

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