Bakery, curd making units commissioned at KISS


Bhubaneswar: In yet another move towards providing nutritional diet to its students, the Kalinga Institute of Social Sciences (KISS) has commissioned a bakery and curd making unit on Friday.

On the day of Ganesh Puja, a bakery and a curd making unit were inaugurated at the KISS campus by KIIT and KISS founder Dr Achyuta Samanta. KISS students are provided various types of breakfast every morning and evening.

They are provided biscuits for two days and breads for two days. They also get puffed rice and mixture which is prepared in KISS’ own unit. The students are provided flattened rice with curd and puffed rice with mixture in breakfast and in evening tiffin as per routine days.

The students are also provided vegetables curry besides egg, chicken, fish and soya bean curry in various days of a week. No wonder, the KISS authorities are keeping a good care of students’ health.


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