Bahuda Yatra 2019: Pahandi ritual begins


Puri: Bahuda Yatra, the homecoming of Holy Trinity, began with the first mega ritual ‘Pahandi’ (ceremonial procession of deities), amidst a sea of devotees in the Pilgrim Town of Puri.

The ceremonial Pahandi ritual started with the beating of cymbals, conch shells and amidst shouting of “Hari Bol” and “Jai Jagannath” as the priests carried the deities.

Lord Sudarshan, considered to be the pilot god, led the ceremonial procession as per the religious tradition. This was followed by the ‘Pahandi’ ritual of revered eldest brother Lord Balabhadra.

As Lord Sudarshan and Lord Balabhadra have already reached their chariots, Devi Subhadra soon followed up the suit.

Lastly, Lord Jagannath will give his Holy darshan to the crowd waiting for just a glimpse.

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