Baby wrongly declared dead by Max Hospital passes away


New Delhi: A premature baby, who was found to be alive after being declared dead by Delhi’s Max Hospital, passed away last evening during treatment at a hospital in Pitampura.

The Shalimar Bagh branch of Max Hospital was accused of medical negligence when the infant was found alive after it was declared ‘dead’ along with his still-born twin by the hospital.

The hospital had handed over the newborns in a plastic bag to the family, but when the twins were brought to the burial ground, they realised that one of them was alive before performing the last rites.

They immediately rushed to a nearby hospital where the doctors confirmed one of them to be alive.

Following the incident, the Delhi Police sent a notice under sections 91 and 160 of the CrPC to the administration of Max Hospital, seeking detailed information in connection with the case and asked the authorities to be present for an interrogation.

In this connection, the hospital authorities decided to terminate the services of two of its doctors, who were involved in wrongly declaring the newborn dead.

A panel formed by the Delhi government to look into the case yesterday found Max Hospital guilty of not following prescribed medical norms in dealing with newborn infants.

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