Attempts to make World’s heaviest woman lose 2 kilos a day


Mumbai: World’s heaviest woman Eman Ahmed’s biggest challenge begins from on Monday. 500-kg Egyptian Eman who arrived in the city on Saturday for weight reduction surgery, will be served only liquid supplements, beginning today.

It hopes that she drops 50 kg in 25 days. She will have to lose 2 kg every day to even qualify for the life saving bariatric surgery she desperately needs. Last two days, the doctors stuck to the diet – chicken, mutton and bread to her.

According to the doctors, from beginning today, all solid food will be removed from her diet for the next 20-25 days. She will be given only liquid supplements rich in protein, fibre and dairy every two hours, six to seven times a day.

Besides the diet, Eman will undergo passive physiotherapy involving massage and joint mobilization to burn fat and improve blood circulation.

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