ASI seeks permission to explore Copper Age remains in Prachi valley


Bhubaneswar: The Archaeological Survey of India (ASI), State wing has sought allowance from the DG (Excavation and Exploration), Ministry of Culture to excavate and unearth the pre-historic mound discovered in Prachi valley near Niali in Cuttack.

The Archaeologists believe that traces of material remains found from the surface of the mound may date back to Chalcolithic or Copper age (4,000 to 5,000 years back).

Archaeologist of ASI DB Gadnayak said the mound is yet to be excavated and only the remains on the surface have explored yet. Since the mound is located on 12 acres of land under possession of a local resident, the ASI has approached him for permission to excavate a portion of the land.

He said while it was earlier believed that Prachi valley was popular for sculptural and temple remains, it is for the first time that remains of a possible human civilisation that existed before Ashokan (Mauryan) period have been found in the valley.

Apart from ceramic pottery items that hold resemblance to those recovered from Chalcolithic sites like Golabai and Suabarei, polished stone tools, sharp animal bones and faunal remains have been found from the mound.

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