Art conservationists, experts and IIT Prof explore monuments through Ekamra Walks


Bhubaneswar: International art historians and conservationists from Jatin Das Centre of Arts (JDCA), professor from IIT Bhubaneswar and tourists from the “God’s own country’’ Kerala, were among the visitors today at the 23rd Ekamra Walks today once again pointing at its popularity among the niche segment travelers, who want to explore the heritage sites of Odisha and especially, the monuments of the State Capital.

23rd Ekamra Walks

While Fannie, a art conservationist from China, currently working with the Siddharth Das Studio in Delhi for the development of a unique museum in Bhubaneswar under the Jatin Das Centre of Arts, said “my experience with Ekamra Walks is marvelous and I would look for more such exposure in future.’’

Professor KR Srivatsan, professor with School of Electrical Sciences, IIT Bhubaneswar, who was part of the 23rd Ekamra Walks, said “Odisha and especially Bhubaneswar is a storehouse of ancient monuments and there is a need for its proper projection and propaganda in the Western nations so that more and more people could come and explore the monuments.’’

23rd Ekamra Walks

Sunil Kumar, a history teacher from Calicut in Kerala came with his wife and two beautiful kids to explore the monuments through Ekamra Walks. “I am surprised to see so many monuments within such a small area and the city is really worthy of being named as the Temple City,’’ he said.

The participants of Ekamra Walks today have the opportunity to see an Odissi recital at Art Vision, the dance academy established by Italy-based Odissi and Chhow exponent Ileana Citaristi.

23rd Ekamra Walks

The major attraction at Art Vision today was the live music and playing of instruments and Odissi singing and dancing. On other occasions the dance recitals were done along recorded tracks.


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