Anticlockwise signal system soon at traffic posts in city


Bhubaneswar: In a bid to curb the increasing traffic congestion in the State capital, the Commissionerate Police have decided to bring changes in the existing traffic signal system like in New Delhi by installing anticlockwise signals at the traffic posts soon.

Presently, the new system has been installed in three major traffic posts- Kalpana, AG Square and 120 Battalion Square as a part of the pilot project. It has been known that other traffic posts in city will soon be upgraded with new anticlockwise signal system after successful trial of these three posts.

It has been witnessed that traffic congestion, especially at AG Square, Nalco, Kalpana, Khandagiri and Rupali, has become a major challenge for the traffic police to handle. The situation turns much worse in the evening when the commuters have to wait for long time to cross one of these squares.

The Commissionerate Police came up with the idea of installing the anticlockwise signal system at some major traffic posts after its implementation was successful in New Delhi.

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