Anti-Maoist posters surface in Rayagada


Rayagada: Posters opposing Maoist activities were put up in different parts of Bissam Cuttack area in Rayagada district on Wednesday.

The posters signed by Sampurna Hinsa Mukta Odisha Abhiyan were spotted at Medical Bazaar, tehsil office and other places in the district. The posters warned the Maoist against manipulating the tribal people of Rayagada district to join the rebels.

The posters accused Maoists of obstructing development activities in the district in the name of revolution. “The rebels are killing innocent tribals and locals after branding them as police informers. Violence, explosions and blocking of roads will not be tolerated,” the posters read.

The posters warned the Maoists to stop creating chaos in the district and leave the area. The posters also urged the people of the district to boycott Maoists and their ideologies and help build a Naxal-free Rayagada.

After spotting the posters, the locals contacted the police who later seized it.

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