Ananta Narayan Jena files complaint at CPGRMS: Mayor says, ‘not me’


Bhubaneswar : The regular turn abouts in the alleged involvement of the Bhubaneswar Mayor in the virax sex video has taken a new twist. A fresh complaint has been filed on January 6 by some Ananta Narayan Jena with the Centralized Public Grievance Redress and Monitoring System (CPGRMS) to take action against some television channels in the State for violating telecast guidelines.

As per the grievance status on January 9, 2017 of the CPGRMS portal of the Government of India, one Ananta Narayan Jena has lodged a complaint with the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting (I&B) against five Odia news channels for telecasting defamatory news against him. The complaint after receipt was moved to Broadcasting Section III of the department for action. The complaint is now under the supervision of the senior officer of the department, Neeti Sarkar.

The complaint received by the Ministry on January 6, 2017, as per the CPGRAMS portal has mentioned that the regional TV channels of the state have telecasted defamatory news against him. Further allegations against Itish Pradhan and Pradip Pandey was mentioned in the complaint stating that they have conspired him by linking the viral sex video with the death case of an engineering student in the city. With all such allegations, Jena urged for taking legal actions against all.

On the contrary, the Mayor has denied of filing any case with the CPGRAMS. He said that he has not lodged any complaint and also stated that he would move to the court appealing against whosoever has filed the complaint by his name.


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