Amme Bhubaneswariya- a video song to celebrate everything Bhubaneswar

Bhubaneswar: A video song celebrating Bhubaneswar has been going viral. The song “Amme Bhubaneswariya” has garnered over 36 thousand views on Youtube within 3 days of being posted and it’s going strong. The 4.33 minute song shows anything and everything of the smart city that has become the identity of this once a sleepy town and now a fast growing city.
The song in Odia language and Odissi dance at different places in the video gives it an authentic and aesthetic look. It’s gives a feeling of nostalgia to people who watch this video. Through this song, the makers have shown, Dhauli, Lingaraj Temple and many other temples from Old Town area, Ram Mandir, malls, buildings, monuments, heritages like Khandagiri and Udaygiri, people, traffic, and many more.
The video is directed by Nandita Anand while Nazia Alam has directed the music. Lyrics has been written by Bharadwaj panda while Nazia and Satyajit pradhan have lent their voices and Bibhuti Bhushan Gadnayak has arranged the music. Visha Bawa and Priyanka Sharma have videographed the song while Sidharth patnaik has edited the video. Renowned Odissi dancer Meera Das and her troupe has performed dance to the music and  actress Prakruti Mishra and Srikant Gautam has acted in it along with many shots of people from the city performing a signature move.

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