Airtel deploys India’s first 5G capable technology


New Delhi: Airtel on Tuesday announced the deployment of India’s first state-of-the-art Massive Multiple-Input Multiple-Output (MIMO) technology which is a key enabler for 5G networks.

Airtel is starting with the first round of deployment in Bangalore & Kolkata and will expand to other parts of the country soon.

Deployed as part of Airtel’s ongoing network transformation program, Project Leap, the MIMO technology will expand existing network capacity by five to seven times using the existing spectrum, thereby improving spectral efficiency, says the company.

Airtel has also claimed that customers will be able to experience two to three times superfast speeds on the existing 4G network. The data speeds will also be seamless and enable multiple users and multiple devices to work simultaneously without facing any congestion or experience issues, especially at hotspot locations.

Massive MIMO is a key enabler and foundation for technology revolutions to come. It is a pre-5G technology that will make the network future ready for meeting the data demand coming from digital revolution and data explosion in India.

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