Air-India flight makes emergency landing following technical glitch


Bhubaneswar: Air-India flight (AI-419), journeying from Varanasi to Bhubaneswar returned to Varanasi just after 15 minutes of take-off, due to technical fault on Tuesday.  All the 73 boarded passengers were safe after the plane made an emergency landing at Varanasi.

Earlier, at 12:45 pm, the flight started from Varanasi towards Bhubaneswar. Just after 15 minutes of take-off, the flight returned and had an emergency landing at Varanasi after the pilot noticed some technical problem in the flight.

Following the delay in reconditioning the flight, the Air-India authorities arranged an alternate flight for the passengers who boarded from Delhi to Bhubaneswar via Varanasi. The alternate flight landed at Bhubaneswar with all 73 passengers at around 9:30 pm against the scheduled time of 1:45 pm making a delay of seven hours. Immediately after reaching the flight returned to Delhi via Varanasi at about 10 pm with 60 passengers in it.

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