After 4 days, devotees get Mahaprasad of Puri Jagannath Temple


Puri: After a long gap of 4 days, the devotees heaved a sigh of relief after the Mahaprasad of the Trinity was made available at Ananda Bazar inside Jagannath Temple premises on Friday.

The Suara-Mahasuara Nijog had announced that Mahaprasad would be made available in time with the rituals of the Puri Jagannath Temple being performed as the schedule.

After performing Sakala Dhupa, the servitors had ensured that Jatrangi Mahasnana and Madhyanna Dhupa were conducted in time.

Suara-Mahasuara Nijog had earlier refrained from Bhoga Mandap rituals demanding compensation towards huge loss of Bhog to the tune of Rs 50 lakh due to inordinate delay in the rituals of the Lords on April 16.

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