Aditi Rao Hydari opens up about her casting couch experience


Mumbai: While many actresses had earlier spoken about the existence of casting couch in the film industries, Aditi Rao Hydari has come forward for the first time to reveal her experience and how she dealt with the situation.

Seven months into 2018 and Aditi has already delivered two hits, Padmaavat (Hindi) and Sammohanam (Telugu). The 31-year-old actress recently in an interview with the Sunday Guardian opened up about her experiences working in Hindi, Telegu and Tamil film industries and her encounter with casting couch.

Hydari confessed that she too faced the casting couch. Hydari emphasised the need to stand up to such unfair practices and said she had no regret of her decision of backing away from the proposition at all.

“I didn’t regret it but I cried about it because I felt so upset that this was true and this is how girls are treated. I was like, how dare someone speak to me like that. For about eight months after the incident, I didn’t get work, but I feel that decision made me stronger in my intention about the kind of work I wanted to do,” said the actor.

“Not for one second do I regret that decision. I will always speak about the misuse of power which is there in every industry. But personally, I don’t want to dig up dirt and name names. I made my decision and it was an empowered decision,” she told Sunday Guardian.

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