Adapa Mandap darshan of Trinity today


Puri: After spending two nights on their respective chariots, the trinity have been escorted into the sanctum sanctorum of Gundicha temple in ceremonial Pahandi conducted by Daita servitors here on Tuesday.

After offering of ‘Sandhya Dhupa’, the deities were taken to Gundicha temple in ‘Goti Pahandi’ (one after the other) and the ritual was completed late in the night.  The deities were seated up the Ratna Simhasan of the ‘Adapa Mandap’. It is believed that whoever witnesses the Tinity on the Adapa Mandap of Gundicha temple, escapes the cycle of rebirth.

The rituals of the deities, as observed in main temple, would resume on Wednesday and the deities would be offered cooked bhog. Police had made tight security arrangements during Goti Pahandi to prevent devotees from touching the deities. Police have raised steel fences around the three chariots parked outside Gundicha temple to prevent people from climbing onto the chariots.

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