Actor Uttam Mohanty says disappointed BJD candidates won it for BJP


Bhubaneswar: The surprising success of BJP in first two phases of ongoing three tier panchayat elections has led to many debates in the political arena. Actor Uttam Mohanty, who joined BJD in January, has said BJD candidates who were not given a chance or were disappointed joined BJP and won in Mayurbhanj.

BJP won 10 out of the 12 zones in Mayurbhanj in the second phase of panchayat polls. Mohanty said it is mostly because of local BJD leaders who had already spoilt the public mood over BJD in the district even before he joined.

“When I joined people had already decided who they wanted to vote. It is really not BJP that won but disappointed members of BJD who went to BJP. This is because of the local BJD leaders,” he alleged.

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