Action plan to mitigate bird interference at Biju Patnaik Airport


Bhubaneswar: The Government has prepared an action plan to mitigate the flight accidents due to interference of birds in the city based international airport.

The action plan is due to come into force within the next six months, an order regarding this was made out clear to the departmental authorities by the Chief Secretary during a high level meeting here at the Secretariat.

Currently Laser Guns, Reflectors are being used to scare away the winged species from straying over and on the runaways but they have proved to be less effective with time so latest technology and ultramodern equipments will be used in the coming days, Padhi told officials during the meeting.

Likewise the senior bureaucrat has also asked departments to make sure that any lakes, big pits are filled up, small bushed jungle lands are made clear and free of any proliferation, improvising drainage facilities are also made up so as to reduce any chances of accidents.

Similarly the authorities have also been ordered to make sure the nearby locals keep their surroundings open and free from any disposals. So that animals like jackals, monkeys do not proliferate nearby the airport pits and jungles have been asked to be cleared.

Notably, the Biju Patnaik International Airport has been facing accidents due to interference of birds. But so far any major disasters have been averted. Other animals have also been spotted entering the airport area which has increased the risk of accidents.

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