64 water tanks to supply drinking water in Baliyatra


Cuttack: To ensure supply of safe drinking water to revellers at Baliyatra, the Public Health Engineering Organization (PHEO) has made elaborate arrangements.

The PHEO will install at least 64 plastic water tanks at necessary places in the two fair grounds. Each tank will have a capacity to store 2000 litres of water and it will be refilled by water tankers as and when required.

According to reports, at least 48 water tanks will be installed in the Mahanadi riverbed ground while 16 tanks will be placed in the Killa padia fair ground.

The water tanks will be cleaned daily during the seven days fair and quality of the water will be monitored. During filling of water in the tankers from production well the quality of water will be checked. Besides, the PHEO will set up a temporary office inside the fairground to check any irregularity, the reports said.

The water tanks will be placed mainly near the food joints and eateries stall so that the stall owners will use clean and safe water in preparing the delicacies for revellers.

Last time, at least 60 water tanks were placed but this time PHEO has increased the number by 5.

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