Over 60 female students fall sick with food poisoning


Rourkela: At the Utkalmani Gopabandhu Homeopathic College over 60 female students of the girls hostel fell sick on Sunday night due to food poisoning. Six of the sick students are critical and have been admitted to the local hospital.

All students complaining of sickness had their dinner at the hostel canteen after which they felt uneasy and suffered vomiting. Hostel superintendent Anil Mishra admitted the six critical students to hospital after which their condition has increased. The other 60 odd students are being treated at the college hospital in the campus.

Notedly, the canteen catering contract was renewed 10 days ago. However, the food was always checked for quality and there is no issue over the new caterers, informed Mishra.

Additional secretary R Balakrishnan who was on a visit to the city has met the students along with Sundergrah Collector Bhupinder Singh Punia.


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