4-year-old boy killed by leopard in Nuapada


Nuapada: In a tragic incident, a four-year-old boy was reportedly mauled to death by a leopard in forest near Haladi village of Nuapada.

The animal dragged him into the forest while he was sleeping beside mother on Friday night.

As per sources, Chhagan, the deceased boy and son of Hiralal Pandey, who was sleeping in the verandah of the house due to heat and humid conditions. Meanwhile, the animal allegedly dragged the minor boy to nearby forest.

After awaking up they found the minor missing and began to search. Later they found the stains of the blood towards the forest. After followed the blood marks they discovered the body in a mutilated condition.

Earlier, such an incident has been reported in the village where a man was killed by a leopard 10 years back.

After being informed police reached the spot and started investigation.

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