4 doctors in a boat tried taking selfies near Pune, drowned


Pune: In a tragic incident, four doctors from Solapur who drowned on Sunday were recovered early on Monday morning. The incident was happened while they were taking selfies on the boat.

As per sources, the incident took place at the Ujane dam on Bhima River near Indapur. A group of 10 doctors had gone there to enjoy the weekend.

According to eyewitnesses some doctors were clicking selfies in the boat in the middle of the backwaters, due to which the boat tipped to one side. A few of the doctors jumped from the boat, and as one of them tried to climb back in the boat, his leg got stuck in a fishing net and the boat capsized.

A case of accidental death has been registered. On Monday, after the post-mortem the bodies were handed over to the families.

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