32-feet long whale carcass washes ashore at Puri beach


Puri: A decomposed carcass of a whale was found at Puri beach early on Monday morning which gathered crowd in huge numbers. The 32-feet dead mammal is suspected to have died after being hit by a ship or vessel and was swept ashore due to heavy sea current.

The dead whale was lying near Pantha Niwas with foul smell that spread across the area following which the forest officials were informed immediately and they reached the spot to recover the body of the marine mammal. Later, a crane was brought in to the spot to lift the dead whale away.

Reportedly, this is second such incident in less than two months on the same beach. Earlier in February, another such whale carcass was found at Puri Balukhanda beach.

Last year in December, another 42-feet marine mammal of its kind was recovered from Baidhara Pentha beach in Puri.

Forest officials have sent the body for autopsy to ascertain the exact reason for the deaths.

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