30 percent of the driving licenses in the country are fake


New Delhi: When the people of the country are observing the ‘Road Safety Week’ , Minister of Road Transport and Highways Nitin Gadkari while attending a conclave here in the national capital on Wednesday has said that almost every third driving licence in the country are fake.

Speaking at the conclave, Gadkari admitted that the fake licenses was embarrassing for him to admit it as the country’s Road Transport Minister. However, the minister has hinted that the government is set to take tougher action against traffic violators by amending the Motor Vehicles Act, which Gadkari called outdated.

He said,  those found to be driving with fake licences may soon be jailed for up to a year in addition to a hefty penalty of Rs. 10,000  up from the current penalty provision of Rs. 500 and a maximum jail term of three months.

In case of juvenile drivers, the owner of the vehicle or the driver’s guardian will face stricter penalties of up to three years in jail and fine of up to Rs. 20,000, while their vehicle registration certificate may also be cancelled.

An earlier government survey of about six crore driving licences had found nearly 74 lakh fake ones.

He said, besides computerisation, the government has also planed to set up 5,000 new driving centres.

Guardian or owner of the vehicle would be liable for offence committed by the juvenile and would face punishment for abetment to the offence.

Further, in case of grievous hurt or death caused by the juvenile’s act of driving, the driver would be sentenced to Children’s Home and there will be “no provision of bail” if the driver has been previously challanned for any offence under the Motor Vehicles Act.


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