24-Year-old dies racing superbike in Delhi


New Delhi: A 24-year-old man who was racing two of his friends on high-capacity motorcycles on the streets of Delhi died on Monday evening after he lost control of his bike and crashed.

The entire high-speed race and the accident near the Mandi House Metro Station was caught on camera – filmed by one of the two men who were racing along with the man who died, Himanshu Bansal.

The three motorcyclists were riding at very high speeds in traffic from Connaught Place in central Delhi towards Mandi House after attending a party, the police said.

Himanshu Bansal was riding a Benelli TNT 600i and was ahead of another rider, who had an action camera mounted to his helmet, filming the entire race. He was racing a 300cc motorcycle, Kawasaki Ninja 300. The third motorcycle in the race was also a Benelli TNT 600i, a 600cc bike, as per sources.

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