2 dead, over 100 injured during Jallikattu in Tamil Nadu


Chennai: Two bull tamers died and 129 others suffered injuries during a Jallikattu event at Rapoosal in Tamil Nadu’s Pudukkottai district on Sunday.

The deceased have been identified as Raja, 26, and Mohan, 25, both of whom are from Pudukottai.

There were 174 bull tamers at the event. A total of 210 bulls were let loose.

The sport involves young men latching on to the hump of bulls. One who manages to stay put even after the animal makes three jumps is declared a winner.

At times, the participants are thrown off the back of bulls or get gored by the animal.

Jallikattu was organised in Tamil Nadu after a gap of three years, after the state government on Sunday promulgated an ordinance to allow the sport to be held.

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