16 lakh bill for dengue victim: Haryana govt looks to cancel lease of Gurugram’s Fortis Hospital


Chandigarh: A day after the license of Shalimar Bagh branch of Max Hospital cancelled for alleged medical negligence, now Haryana’s health minister Anil Vij has written to the state urban authority seeking the cancellation of Gurugram Fortis’ land lease.

The Gurugram’s Fortis Hospital recently made headlines for charging Rs 16 lakh for a 15-day dengue treatment of a seven-year-old girl, who later died.

Adya Singh (7), diagnosed with dengue shock syndrome, was admitted to Gurugram’s Fortis on August 31, with high fever.

Over the course of her two-week long treatment, she was shifted to the ICU and also incubated, but the seven-year-old’s condition never improved.

The seven-year-old succumbed on September 14, with her parents left with a bill of 15,79,322- that adds up to more than a lakh per day.

Notably, the Shalimar Bagh branch of Max Super Speciality Hospital was in a soup after doctors there declared one of the newborn twins dead falsely.

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