14 dead due to toxins water in Maharashtra’s Yavatmal


Yavatmal: At least 14 people have died in past 24 months, due to the alleged toxins present in the water in a 250-feet borewell in Maharashtra’s Yavatmal.

The locals in the area have said that the deaths were the result of toxins present in a 250-ft borewell in Yavatmal.

As per the locals at least 38 others have been admitted to the hospital and 110 more cases have been identified facing similar Kidney related issues.

Surprisingly, the 250-feet borewell is the only source of water for Asola village in Yavatmal tehsil and they are left with no other option than to have water from that.

As per the experts, the borewell is contaminated with nitrate and continuous intake of the water is damaging the kidney of the locals.

“38 people have been admitted to our hospital, which has been tested with a high amount of Keratin. The content of nitrate in the water seems to be high,” said Dr. Abhyuday Meghe, OSDM Acharya Vinoba Bhave Rural Hospital.

Recently, a team of four doctors from the hospital which came to take the patients, witnessing the alarming situation has set-up a check-up camp in the village.

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