More 111 criminal cases this year, says Vigilance


Bhubaneswar : The State Vigilance on Saturday released its annual report indicating 575 criminal cases lodged this year against 1099 accused persons including 162 Class-I officers, 104 Class-II officers, 833 Class-III employees and others.

Out of the total, 119 cases have been done on Disproportionate Assets possession cases amounting to Rs 115, 52, 41,333 stashed by 127 public servants and 50 others. Illegal corruption Trap cases have been lodged against 248 public servants and 7 others for accepting bribes amounting to a net worth of Rs 33, 22,505.

During the period about 334 persons have been arrested including 36 Class-I, 30 Class-II, and others. The sales tax wing of the Vigilance has detected 48 tax evasion cases collecting amount worth Rs 2036.02 lakh during raids while the forest wing has seized Rs 2,86,85,785 from raids.

Statistics also revealed that the number of cases registered this year has increased by 111 as compared to last year. Police actions have also ensured more number of arrests this year 334 as compared to last year which stood at 288.

During this year 192 cases have been disposed by trail courts out of which 83 have ended in conviction, 95 cases ended in acquittal, and 18 cases were dropped making the percent of cases conviction at 47 which is also similar to last year data.

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