11 Straight questions on demonetisation India deserves answers to


Some questions that need clarification so that voters give credit where it is due:

1. Whose decision was it to demonetise?
a) RBIdemonetisation move
b) Government?

2. What is the primary objective?
a) Curbing black money;
b) Stopping terrorism;
c) Making India cash less economy

3. How long will the pain last?
a) 50 days;
b)1 year
c) 15 years
demonetisation impact4. When was the decision taken?

a) 6 months back
b)One month back
c) 2 years back
5. Did we factor the fall in GDP and if so by how much?
a) 2%
b) 1%
c) 3.5%
6. At what level of non-surrender would the scheme called a success?
A) 2 lacs crores;
b) 3 lac crores and above
7. Did we factor in the loss of employment and if so by how much?
a) 2 Milllion;
b) 10 million;
c) 31 million
8. What would the government do if RBI doesn’t declare a dividend for the Non-Surrendered notes?
9. Does the government know when it can inject the withdrawn money back in the system?
a) 50 days
b) 6 Months

RBI demonetisation
10. Who is in charge of the situation?
a) RBI;
b)Finance Ministry;
c) PMO
d) Niti Ayog
11. Does the government have an estimate of the informal economy as a share of GDP?
a) 26%
b) 40%
c) 50%
Does anyone have clarity or even an answer?

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