1, 12,083 affordable houses sanctioned for urban poor under PMAY (Urban)


New Delhi: Ministry of Housing & Urban Affairs has approved the construction of 1,12,083 more affordable houses for the benefit of urban poor under Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (Urban) with an investment of Rs. 8,105 cr with central assistance of Rs. 1,681 cr.

The approval was given in the 28th meeting of the Central Sanctioning and Monitoring Committee in its meeting held here on Wednesday.

State                         Houses         Cities & Towns          Investment & Central Assistance

Madhya Pradesh       4,680             25                            Rs 3,080 cr investment with central assistance of Rs 520 Cr

Haryana                    24,221             28                            Rs 1,721 cr investment with central assistance of  Rs 363 Cr

Maharashtra            11,523                                              Rs 860 cr investment with central assistance of Rs 173 Cr

Jharkhand                28,477             5                              Rs 2,080 cr investment with central assistance of Rs 427 Cr

Kerala                       9836                49                            Rs 295 cr investment with central assistance of Rs 147 Cr

Mizoram                  3,270                7                               Rs 65 cr investment with central assistance of Rs 49 Cr

The approval accorded today was for construction of 44,692 new houses under the Beneficiary Led Construction (BLC) component of PMAY (Urban), enhancement of 1,857 houses in Haryana under BLC and building 28,477 new houses in Jharkhand, 13,946 in Haryana, 6,392 in Maharashtra -under Affordable Housing in Partnership (AHP) component.

In Madhya Pradesh, another 16,104 new houses, in Kerala-9,836 houses, in Maharashtra- 5,131, in Mizoram- 3,270 will be built under BLC component under which an eligible beneficiary is assisted to build a house on the land owned by him/her.

With the above-proposed houses, cumulative houses under PMAY (U) would become 30,52,828 after final approval from CSMC. Further after subsuming projects of RAY scheme the total number of houses being funded under PMAY(Urban) would be 31,94,676 houses.

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